The 6 Avatars and The Consumer

The Escape

The beginning of it all

We open up to the story of six friends, Anya, Kirsuna, Lethos, Thessianos, Arathorn, and Xantharius. A motley crew, these six grew up in very different circumstances of life but over time they all became close friends. This would all be tested on one fateful day. 

Thermat 3rd, in the year 567. We meet our merry band in the local pub as the town celebrates the anniversary of the freedom from tyranny under their last king. Suddenly, the captain of the guard enters the pub with two men. They made their way to the back of room where our protagonists are sitting and they begin to place Anya under arrest for witchcraft. Thessianos stands up for Anya and says that he too will accompany her in sake of her honor and for a fair trial. At this time, Lethos, who has been playing on stage, makes his way stealthily out the back door. 

The group minus Lethos, is then placed in prison and awaits their trial the next day. Lethos though meets a mysterious figure who explains to him that all of this is a set up. The figure will help Lethos's friends escape on one condition. To pass on vision which he will give him. Lethos then makes his way to the jail where he explains everything to his companions. After failing to mention the breaking out part to them, the party makes a plan to escape. Lethos then goes and retrieves everyone's items and sets up a covered wagon and horse for their escape, only to inform them that they will be broken out by the mysterious figure 30 minutes before he will appear. Everyone was dumbfounded. 

Right at midnight, roots began to take over the jail and garrison as the mysterious figure uses great magic to destroy the buildings. Impaling all of the guards with roots from below, he clears out the area of all resistance allowing our party to escape. They load up the covered wagon the backup guards cannot get there in time. They escape the city and after a few hours decide to take a short rest in the woods. When they get out, they notice a note tied to a arrow that simply says, "Let the hunt begin. -Rhemis"



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